Paleo Ersatz

When I look at the Paleo groceries that are on offer,  I mean the ones that aren’t just , you know actual real food,  they all seem to have something in common.  The thing I’ve noticed is that they all seem to be trying to replace something delicious that you might be able to eat if not in a Paleo straight jacket , think chocolate,  dairy products, cakes and pasta.  I like to think of it as Paleo Ersatz.  Mainly because I just like saying the word Ersatz.

Last week I decided that I would try making Spag Bol the Paleo way.  I conjured up 2 types of pasta.  First I turned several zucchini into a fairly acceptable version of spaghetti with a vegetable mandolin peeler thingy – was a bit soggy, but hey when it’s this good for you who cares right?


Then, I attempted tagliatelle which were made from sweet potato noodles which I bought in a Paleo cafe.  The instructions took me on quite the adventure, but my favourite was the instruction “According to your taste add some auxiliary food such as meat and condiment of your favourite”.  Auxiliary food!!! How good! Can that be cheese? And if you’re wondering they didn’t taste half bad.

Just add auxiliary food.
Just add auxiliary food.