5:2 Evaluation Time

EASE 0/10:  This was really, really hard and is clearly not suited to my penchant for instant gratification.  I wanted to knaw my own arm off by 3pm every day I fasted.  I never got used to it like the book promised.

STICKABILITY 4/10:  The first few times I was very strict, then the rules got a little loosey goosey.  Some people find this very easy to stick to.  Not me.

FOOD TASTINESS 8/10:  Given you can pretty much eat what you want on the off days food tastiness not an issue, but even on the 500 cal days some steamed fish and vegetables is still a delicious meal….particularly when you haven’t eaten.  Hopefully no one saw me liking the plate (and the cooking pan).

LONGEVITY POTENTIAL 1/10:  I could not wait for the month to end.

HEALTH BENEFITS OBSERVED 8/10: The irony is that I felt really good the day after fasting – lighter, more energy,  no real food cravings so I wish I did find it easier.

SPHERICAL REDUCTION 4/10: Only another 1kg in the bank but better that nothing.  It was probably the wine.

SURPRISES? 4/10:  Probably that I was sooooo depressed by not eating.  I wanted go to bed at 8pm because life looked very bleak after 2 skipped meals.  I’m a bit pathetic aren’t I?

Overall.  Me no likey.


This is not my diet

Well, you’ve probably worked out by the lack of jaunty posts, this is not the diet for me.  Where’s the hilarity as I make non edible potato rosti?? Where’s the surprise that coconut flour tortillas are awesome?  Where’s the realisation of what I’ve been missing by not drinking nut milk (the answer by the way is absolutely nothing)?

No, apart from being totally depressing the 5:2 diet commits an even greater sin.  It is DULL.

I’ve been pretty crap at sticking to it, there have been some sneaky scarfings on the drive home of the haribo party mix stashed in the central console of the car.  I’ve even eaten the fluff that gets in the bag.  One night I drank a bottle of wine in place of dinner – it’s liquid so not cheating right?

I’ll do the official write up this weekend….but don’t hold your breath!  Next month is going to be much more interesting as I explore the idiot writings of Sarah “I quit sugar but not really” Wilson.

The time of day matters on 5:2

Hello constant reader.

Apologies for my absence, it turns out that evidence based diets are nowhere near as fun to blog about as those devised by crazies looking to make their fortune by writing a diet book deal and flogging it by appearing on boring morning TV shows aimed at the recently lobotomised.

Yes, those diets that actually lower your cholesterol and regulate your insulin – no fun at all, this I will attest to.  I’ve now fasted a total of 4 times.  The first two times weren’t too bad at all, my methodology was to go as long as could that day without consuming anything (so from around 7pm the previous evening to around 3pm the next day) at this point I was ready to eat the crotch out of a low flying duck and would treat myself to a tasty 100 calorie apple.  This sated me until dinner of 150g piece of white fish and some vegetables which again was pretty satisfying.

Then…..disaster.  I forgot that I had arranged lunch on a fast day, so I decided that I would try the “eat all the calories at lunchtime” methodology, this definitely does not work, for me at any rate.  That evening stretched ahead of me like a long, dark, miserable tunnel.  I turned into a screeching harpy that stared forlornly into the fridge every 20 minutes to look at what I couldn’t have.  I ended up having a glass of wine that I wasn’t meant to drink and retiring sullenly to bed.  Needless to say I won’t be doing that again!

Month 2 and it’s time for 5:2

New month and it’s time for a new diet (I have to confess that I did have a cheese frenzy the day after Paleo ended).  This month it’s time to try the 5:2 diet, also know as ‘The fast diet’.  Now although fasting has been around for centuries, it’s not really been something I’ve felt compelled to try strangely enough.  I first considered it when a few friends were raving about how easy it was to lose weight using the 5:2 technique.

The premise of the diet is easy, on 5 days eat normally and 2 days a week consume only 500 calories (about 1/4 of a normal daily intake).  Not only does it promise weight loss but a whole range of other benefits such as lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and extreme smugness.

I’m not sure this will entertain me quite as much as Paleo did, andI suspect there will be much wailing, going to bed early and swearing to report post my fasting days.  It will possibly be fun to see how far I can extend 500 calories and on others just blow the lot on a peanut butter cro-nut and spend the rest of the day weeping from hunger.  Buckle up!!