5:2 Evaluation Time

EASE 0/10:  This was really, really hard and is clearly not suited to my penchant for instant gratification.  I wanted to knaw my own arm off by 3pm every day I fasted.  I never got used to it like the book promised.

STICKABILITY 4/10:  The first few times I was very strict, then the rules got a little loosey goosey.  Some people find this very easy to stick to.  Not me.

FOOD TASTINESS 8/10:  Given you can pretty much eat what you want on the off days food tastiness not an issue, but even on the 500 cal days some steamed fish and vegetables is still a delicious meal….particularly when you haven’t eaten.  Hopefully no one saw me liking the plate (and the cooking pan).

LONGEVITY POTENTIAL 1/10:  I could not wait for the month to end.

HEALTH BENEFITS OBSERVED 8/10: The irony is that I felt really good the day after fasting – lighter, more energy,  no real food cravings so I wish I did find it easier.

SPHERICAL REDUCTION 4/10: Only another 1kg in the bank but better that nothing.  It was probably the wine.

SURPRISES? 4/10:  Probably that I was sooooo depressed by not eating.  I wanted go to bed at 8pm because life looked very bleak after 2 skipped meals.  I’m a bit pathetic aren’t I?

Overall.  Me no likey.


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