This is not my diet

Well, you’ve probably worked out by the lack of jaunty posts, this is not the diet for me.  Where’s the hilarity as I make non edible potato rosti?? Where’s the surprise that coconut flour tortillas are awesome?  Where’s the realisation of what I’ve been missing by not drinking nut milk (the answer by the way is absolutely nothing)?

No, apart from being totally depressing the 5:2 diet commits an even greater sin.  It is DULL.

I’ve been pretty crap at sticking to it, there have been some sneaky scarfings on the drive home of the haribo party mix stashed in the central console of the car.  I’ve even eaten the fluff that gets in the bag.  One night I drank a bottle of wine in place of dinner – it’s liquid so not cheating right?

I’ll do the official write up this weekend….but don’t hold your breath!  Next month is going to be much more interesting as I explore the idiot writings of Sarah “I quit sugar but not really” Wilson.


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