The time of day matters on 5:2

Hello constant reader.

Apologies for my absence, it turns out that evidence based diets are nowhere near as fun to blog about as those devised by crazies looking to make their fortune by writing a diet book deal and flogging it by appearing on boring morning TV shows aimed at the recently lobotomised.

Yes, those diets that actually lower your cholesterol and regulate your insulin – no fun at all, this I will attest to.  I’ve now fasted a total of 4 times.  The first two times weren’t too bad at all, my methodology was to go as long as could that day without consuming anything (so from around 7pm the previous evening to around 3pm the next day) at this point I was ready to eat the crotch out of a low flying duck and would treat myself to a tasty 100 calorie apple.  This sated me until dinner of 150g piece of white fish and some vegetables which again was pretty satisfying.

Then…..disaster.  I forgot that I had arranged lunch on a fast day, so I decided that I would try the “eat all the calories at lunchtime” methodology, this definitely does not work, for me at any rate.  That evening stretched ahead of me like a long, dark, miserable tunnel.  I turned into a screeching harpy that stared forlornly into the fridge every 20 minutes to look at what I couldn’t have.  I ended up having a glass of wine that I wasn’t meant to drink and retiring sullenly to bed.  Needless to say I won’t be doing that again!


2 thoughts on “The time of day matters on 5:2

  1. I think I would be eating my colleagues if I tried to make it through to 3pm. I find small ‘meals’ more often is more feasible – baked beans for breakfast, vegie soup for lunch, mushroom omelette for dinner, snacks of raw carrots thinking of Lolliff and hoping my colleagues know the alternative is me chomping down on their fatter-looking extremities.


  2. Yep, gotta do the whole day no eating thing then a “normalish” dinner. No other way if you ask me, unless you like randomly gnawing on your arm


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