Paleo Evaluation Time

And so as my Paleo month draws to a close, it’s time to evaluate.  I’m not sure I have all my criteria set quite yet but here goes:

EASE 8/10:  Overall it wasn’t too bad. I had to shop and cook a fair bit but as I like cooking I didn’t mind that too much.  Eating out wasn’t too bad either,  most menus had at least one thing I could eat.  The Pete Evans book had some good ideas for creating things like Paleo Banana Bread, Frittata and Coconut tortillas.  I’m not sure of the ‘Paleoness’ of any of those things, I can’t quite imagine the caveman convo “Ugg, darling.  Pass the Frittata will you??”.

STICKABILITY 8/10: I did pretty well at sticking to the rules, other than the soy coffees and alcohol.  I had a couple of minor cheats, but come on who can pass up a bowl of Eton Mess???

FOOD TASTINESS 8/10:  I would have given this a 9 but some epic failures like the sweet potato hash brown failure (straight from pan to the bin) and the soggy zucchini noodles prevent it.

LONGEVITY POTENTIAL 5/10:  I like meat and veg so doing it for a month is very doable, as a longer term lifestyle diet I’d have trouble.  Breakfast is just TOO HARD.  I will be having triple pancakes with a topping of muffins tomorrow.

HEALTH BENEFITS OBSERVED 4/10:  I didn’t get the boundless energy promised by Pete, but that’s probably because he has a colonic every other day and doesn’t have to get up until 11am.  I was working pretty hard this last month so suspect some of my promised energy was sapped by that.  I did notice however a significant reduction in bloating in the belly.

SPHERICAL REDUCTION 2/10: Not really, only 1KG lost but I didn’t exercise and I drank booze.

SURPRISES? 5/10:  I was surprised I didn’t loose more poundage given the significant reduction in consumption of cheese (probably compensated for the significant increase in consumption of salami and other small goods ).   Another surprise was trying so many new things on menus I would NEVER have normally gone for.  Paleo was a winner at getting me out of my food choice ruts .

Thanks Paleo.  It’s been fun but don’t think I’ll be back.  Next Month….. The 5:2 diet.


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