Hipster Paleo

Oh dear god, I ate something Vegan.  This dear reader is a Chia seed and coconut pudding (with black sesame, pistachio and mint).  I had it for breakfast at the painfully hipster Queensberry Pour House.  To paint you a picture of this place they don’t have skinny milk for coffees (nor soy for that matter), they have tasting notes for their daily pours, everyone has a beard (even the girls) and they make all of their own crockery – no doubt they dig up clay from himalayan mountainside too.  I had this for breakfast, thinking of it as a porridge substitute, however it was cold and a bit weird – I managed about half of it and don’t see it knocking Quinoa of it’s perch of trendiest niche grain product any time soon.  I debated the merits of drinking a coffee for a while given it was made with almond milk.  Don’t do it people. You’ve been warned.


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