$1000 Museli

It turns out that supermarket breakfasting options have severe limitations on a Paleo diet – Vegemite toast? Nope. Porridge? Double nope… and don’t even think about approaching the Coco Pops.  You can however have a lovely smoothie, or eggs – lots of eggs.  After 3 weeks of eating eggs I’m very much in danger of becoming “egg bound”, no I have no idea what that means either but my grandad used to assure me I would suffer from it if I ate too many eggs.  He also used to threaten me with “night starvation” so probably indicates how much he knew.

Anyhoo, the eggs definitely needed to go so I needed an alternative and I found it in my local health food store $1000 muesli.  Ok, so I’m exaggerating slightly but at $49 per kilo it’s certainly not cheap!!  I also can’t put milk on it so I forked out another $15 for a tub of coconut yogurt.  Turns out if you want to make a fortune get into the the Paleo food business! Outrageously expensive, completely calorie laden and totally delicious!



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