Mmmm Paleo snack time!

So one thing I’ve discovered about this diet is that my desire to snack mid morning or afternoon is waning, which is a very pleasant surprise.  I think it’s probably something to do with the sating effect of all that protein, but it’s not like I’m doing this in a very scientific way so who knows?  So, when I do get the urge to snack I thought I might try one of these delicious (read – lets cash in on this insane diet craze) pre-made Paleo Bars.  Or should I say LIFE BAR!  (Get a life more like).

The packaging promises so much Cacao & Orange! Fig and Lemon! Banana Bread! And yet delivers so little…they all taste, well…. EXACTLY THE SAME.  Go and have a nice apple instead.

Get a Life Bars.
Get a Life Bars.

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